Maintenance Guide

Step 1 - Check Screens

Step 2 - Open Unit

Step 3 - Read Instructions

Step 4 - Clean Filters

Step 5 - Clean Core

CAUTION: Dangerous voltage may be present. Turning the unit off is not sufficient. Be sure to disconnect (unplug) before working inside the unit.

Exterior Air Intake and Exhaust Hoods

  • Check the intake and exhaust screen on the exterior hoods for debris and clean as needed.


  • Under normal conditions, filters should be checked every 3 months or cleaned as needed.
  • Use vacuum cleaner to remove accumulated dust on the filters and wash filters in lukewarm water, let dry and reinstall.

Heat Recovery Core

  • Core should be washed once a year. Follow maintenance instructions on the heat recovery core.

Drain Pan

  • Once a year, while you're cleaning the core, wipe the drain pan with a damp cloth.

Annual Service Maintenance Recommended by Manufacturer

  • Having a qualified technician come to your home will ensure better indoor air quality, lower energy costs, provide longer equipment life, and peace of mind.