Finding a Part

Identify your Model and Serial Number

The Model and Serial Number is easy to find on either the left or right side of the HRV or ERV unit. This information is located on the 'Silver Plate' as it is known in the industry.

  1. There is quite a bit of information about the piece of equipment. Still, the Model and Serial Number are placed prominently on the 'Silver Plate' and should be easy to identify.
  2. To locate a part or parts for your specific HRV or ERV, you can search by the Model or Serial Number to see an exploded parts view of the unit.
  3. Using the exploded parts view, you can drag your cursor over the red dots and determine the part you need. Clicking on the Part Number will display its detail page with a larger image and, in some cases, a 360-degree view of the part.
  4. After placing items in the cart, you can proceed to checkout and complete the order with